We’ve had a couple of weeks powered-down and this week we have turned off the auto-reply on the emails and flicked everything back into action.

With the beginning of this new year we are excited to begin with our new staff and leadership structure. Welcome to Rob and Alisha Wiseman who now begin their new roles as co-leaders at Central Vineyard alongside Dan and Gab! There are some other changes in our team and some new things, but more on that later in the month...

With this new season, we want to ask something of you: Can you please take some time this week to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you afresh about what His call is to you and our church this year? We are so quick to put in plans, but we do not want to go where Jesus is not leading us as we begin this chapter of the pilgrimage together. As Jesus taught us to pray; give us today our daily bread – what we need for now, not what we had last year.

We believe that as we continue to trust Jesus we will be in for a great journey this year.

See you at our gathering this Sunday – or the next one if you’re still away – and don’t forget to get your tickets for our big start-of-the-year moment together: formatio.

See you soon!