What are Circles?

We believe a deep and healthy life of following Jesus is best done in the circles that form with us being together in small groups, not just in the rows we find ourselves in on Sunday. So therefore, “Circles” are our small groups at Central Vineyard.

You might already have a circle around you - the people you do coffee with, txt a lot or keep talking too after a gathering - but we also want to make sure that we have some formal Circles happening for you to join.


Have a read through our list below for information about who leads a Circle and where. Next, to find out more info about the Circle you’re interested in, email us which Circle you want contact details for and we'll pass your details on. (Sorry you have to go through us, we just don't want to have leader's personal cell phones up on the internet...)


Mums Circle



Dads Circle



Shore Circle

Mark + Katrina

Afrikaans Circle

Natalie + Clarissa

Lynfield Circle

Bruce + Liz/Caitlin + Ryan

Mission Bay Circle
(20-25yr olds)

Jessica + Janyk


Grafton Circle



Mt Eden Circle

Dave + Jo Stanyer


Epsom Circle

Annie Hollister-Jones

More to come...


Please email Alisha for further details alisha@centralvineyard.org