At Central Vineyard, we believe that our tables and homes can be used to help deepen and develop our relationships.

We love having people around our tables. The life stories, the laughter, the food, it brings smiles to our faces. There’s something about sharing a meal with one another that brings people together and naturally builds and deepens relationships. Our tables in our communities are incredibly powerful tools.

We often have spontaneous moments where we have friends around our tables and, whether we were expecting it or not, hospitality naturally happens. We stop, take a moment to listen and get to know one another just that little bit more.

What if we created intentional moments of hospitality where we opened up our homes and our tables to the acquaintances and strangers within our communities? What if we allowed a moment in our week to pause to share and listen to stories of the weeks and months gone by? What if we invited our guests in with a warm and generous welcome? What does that look like for you?


At Central Vineyard, we believe that we are all hosts.

At Central Vineyard, we use our tables to help build the relationships we have with one another. And we want to help you make this a natural rhythm in your life. Whatever you need, just ask. We’re here to share stories, encourage one another and even share tips and tricks.

It can be terrifying but we need to remember that hospitality isn’t just about entertaining and it’s going to look different for everyone. Hospitality starts with warmly welcoming those in our communities into our homes despite maybe not knowing them. Imagine the stories that would be shared. Imagine the ideas that would be grown together. Imagine the friendships built and what could happen through them. God has created us for relationship with one another so imagine what he can do through these intentional, hospitable pauses that we welcome others into.