The God Interruption / Advent week 2 (Joy)

Benediction II.png
We are usually most joyful for that which we have waited for.
— Dan Sheed


Teach us Father,
how to live in holy-tension,
to be a people of the middle,
and to wake the dawn with the kind of joy that only you can give.



By Shelley Taylor

Beneath the Ancient one 
Bruised reeds lie 
Beneath the Ancient one
Gentle giants gather 
Hands heavenward 
Perfumed prayers 
The angelic activated 
Beneath the Ancient one 
A sheltered canopy kingdom reigns 
Yokes lifted 
Souls sing 
Beneath the Ancient one 
Faith fist-pumps
Hope hoorays 
Love laughs 



Good Gifts for Gratis

Good Gifts for Gratis BANNER.png

Each year Central Vineyard takes the opportunity of Christmas time to look outward in serving and blessing our community in a meaningful way. For the last two years we have begun an initiative called Good Gifts - together, we contributed to, assembled, and gave beautiful gift hampers to those nearest to us.

This year we are excited to be giving our Good Gifts to our Gratis community!


Our Gratis community comes from the Gratis Free Store, which we have been running out of our Community Hall for the last year and a half. We collect surplus food from local cafes and give it out freely every Monday evening, creating conversation and community with all who come. Many people in our community don't have a lot, and Christmas can be a challenging time to make ends meet. We want to do what we can to make their Christmas season a little more special.

What are our 2018 Good Gifts?

This year our Good Gifts are going to be a mix of practical and treat; socks, tea, soap and chocolate, all bundled up with care and love.

Donate, Assemble, PASS-ON.

Each Good Gift for Gratis costs $20, so please consider donating for one – or as many as you would like – below.

On Sunday 16 December 3pm-5pm we will be assembling our Good Gifts at Community Hall, please consider volunteering to come and help us, sign up below.

The Good Gifts will be passed-on to Gratis customers on the final Gratis evening of 2018 (17 December) by our wonderful Gratis team and the volunteers that evening.


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Donations are given to Central Vineyard Charitable Trust and are tax deductible.

Online giving information will follow form submission. Any questions please email


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The God Interruption / Advent week 1 (Hope)

Benediction I.png
To be people of hope, we must sit and wait in the place of absence. We won’t understand how powerful hope is unless we do.
— Dan Sheed


God of refugees, emptiness, oppression and fear;
make us a community of hope and a people unafraid of absence,
that we may know what hope is for ourselves,
and for the good of the earth.


A Quiet Swell

By Abigail Egden

Sorrow upon sorrow is stacked up before me,

Walls of it, great harsh bits of light which cause me pain.

Nothing but everything at the same time,

Crushed on the coming waves.
Why did I choose to set sail here-
It was beautiful though, remember?

I watch the plans, the dreams, the joys fall overboard,

I watch fine bottles of wine smash on the decks,

Plates and glasses, priceless antiques

and paintings of a beauty no words could express.

The shock of it all can’t claim me for long,

Soon I distract myself from this mess,

By looking to the sky, or collecting shards of porcelain on the deck,

Pretending it makes a pretty picture,

When all I see is mess.

We almost went camping,

We almost made it to the country,

But with a quiet swell my love went overboard,

Clinging to the ropes with desperate hands.

Pulling out the frames tied into the ropes,

And all the things they’d built to keep it in place.

And out came my dreams,

out came my hopes,

The bits of thread that had begun to link and make meaning,

That had wove through all this and found some deeper purpose.

Out those came too and I find myself alone at sea,

Not sure of how I came to be,

Afraid of all the splits I see,

Afraid of the ice thats gathered in me,

The hard shell heart that looks in shock,

Unable to say it, unable to see it, unable to- he’s gone.

I had to let him go,

as the boat tipped I watched him slip

and in a scramble I tried to catch him.

I saw him fall and with his last moments,

I saw his fingers loosen their grip.

He fell into that sea of sorrow

And I watched it fall around me

“My love!” I screamed into the oncoming waves,

But the rush and the spray covered up my sound.

“My love,” I whispered to the broken plates.

“My love,” I said silently.

I wonder why I didn’t jump down with him,

Wonder why I’m still standing on this deck,

Wonder where this boat is going anymore.

I thought we were going to the country you see,

I thought we were safe now, you and me.

Us here out at sea.

But now its me, slipping on the pitching deck.

Still here somehow.

Ready for the sky, to reach down to me,

For some animal to give me,

Some kind and friendly seed-

How funny that we share this plot together,

With creatures great and small,

Spiders, robins, moths and mice,

cats and worms, shrubs and herbs,

bees and flowers, all sharing in their peaceful ease-

Would a bird lean down to touch my arm,

To mount its feet and drop some grain,

To whisper in my ear that still, You’re there,

That out there a land is near, where things do grow,

And the earth will bear, and the sky is fair,

And the road is clear,

You’ll meet me there, I needn’t fear,

A river meets this sea.



Advent Journey 2018: The God Interruption

The God Interruption.png

In amongst the absence of God speaking to his people,
the oppression of another Empire ruling over them,
the apprehension of what was to become of them,
and the narcissism of self-preservation, came the God interruption.

From the absence, came hope.
From the oppression, came joy.
From the apprehension, came peace.
From the narcissism, came love.

Emmanuel – God with us – interrupted human history and started to write a new story.

For December we are making space for this same interruption to grab us as we head towards Christmas by walking an advent journey through each of these themes together.

Hope, joy, peace, love… Christ.



Our future: a co-led whānau

Central Vineyard was planted with a ministry philosophy of celebrating united-diversity. Simply, we see in the letters of the New Testament that communities were encouraged to be united together around their cause of Christ, but each person is to play their unique part with their unique gifting. Like a good sport team, or a body, or a menu at a restaurant - diversity is good, and when it’s unified, it’s even better. Maybe a helpful image is this: a flotilla. When a dozen of us first met to pray about the new church God was calling us to plant, one of our team had a picture of a flotilla heading down a river – a diverse bunch of unique boats all heading in the same direction together. This picture has been an important vision for us,


In starting this church, Dan and Gabrielle have been the planting-leaders. They gathered a team and through these leaders, released all kinds of ministry in all kinds of direction. The result has been that Central Vineyard has become a diverse place to belong and minster, but as leaders they can only hold so much, and Central Vineyard has out-grown their ability to hold all of it by themselves.

During this year we have felt that we were no longer a “church-plant” but to become a “church-in-formation”, realising that we are now to grow up together into a healthy and flourishing community. To do this we want to honour diversity. No one leader can lead Central Vineyard fully into its future, it has taken a team so far, and will take a team to go on.

As the planting-leaders, Dan and Gabrielle have been the ones responsible for stewarding our journey together, and while they have always done this with a team of leaders around them, we feel a more intentional move needed to be made. It was time to make room for more and share the responsibility. To bring further safety and structure, we have restructured Central Vineyard leadership to itself reflect unified-diversity and will now be co-led by two couples - the Sheeds and the Wisemans - each couple gifted with their own unique gifts but united in responsibility to care for the journey of our whole whānau.

As we walk into the future, we do it together, and we think that’s a pretty beautiful way to do this.

Dan, Gabrielle, Rob and Alisha



Monuments: Central Vineyard's Third Birthday


On November 4th Central Vineyard turns three years old! We want to lean into this monumental-moment by celebrating our journey this year with creativity and by practicing gratitude and having a big party. We don’t want anyone to miss this special moment of our year, so get it in your calendar as a gathering not to miss – and don’t make any lunch plans because we’ve got that covered! 

Sunday November 4th, Epsom Girls Grammar, 10am



Halftime: June at Central Vineyard

Halftime is our agenda for June at Central Vineyard. Together, we are pausing to look at the founding core values that we have embodied in our story so far, and also what we hope the future will look like as we embody the new things God is doing with us together.

We're going to be sharing five key talks at our Sunday gatherings, as well as spending the month praying together, fasting together and owning together what the future holds.

Also as we go through this month we want to hear your voice on what God is saying and what you are noticing. Head to this page to send those in.

Together, we're looking back at the old and hoping for a vibrant future of Central Vineyard being all that it is called to be.

Begins Sunday, June 3rd



Isaiah 55 Prayer Station Prints

Isaiah 55 Prayer Station A3 prints / Pre-orders available

Designed by Leah Surynt

Due to popular request, we're doing a print run of Leah's work from the Prayer Week Isaiah 55 station, with proceeds covering the cost of print and donation to our Gratis Free Store.

Pre-orders close Wednesday March 14, so that prints will be available for collection from Sunday March 18.

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Print/s you are ordering
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Please secure your pre-order by paying your order to:

Central Vineyard Church Charitable Trust
Bank Account: 03-1322-0203315-000

Reference: "Prints"



Community Hall

 17 Mercury Lane, rendered

17 Mercury Lane, rendered

We’ve had a vision for a place in Auckland City that blessed our city and helped us live out life together. We wanted that place to be a space of prayer, connection and hospitality.

Good news: we have it.


We have just signed a lease for 17 Mercury Lane, right in the heart of Auckland City. God has been all over this process and we are so excited by all that He has done making the path straight and answering our prayers - especially #prayforElliot.

The place is perfect for our vision and ticks so many boxes from your feedback to our survey. We’re going to leave a lot of it as a large fluid space for you to do what you see in it.

Remember, this is not our office nor a place for our Sunday gatherings, it’s our Community Hall – a space for us to do mission and life in together: Gratis is going to grow further here; worship nights will fill the room with beauty and creativity; movies, docos and things you make will be shown; your parties, seminars, art installations and any other gatherings can be held here; prayer, creativity and care will take place in our dedicated rooms but the rest will be a blank canvas for you to do what you see...

...all for the cause of blessing the city as people of prayer, connection and hospitality.
So we’re going to spend the summer break painting it, building a simple fitout and beginning to create our prayer room. If you want to make a special contribution to the Community Hall project, or give us a hand, let us know.
What a wild way to finish 2017 and start 2018!


P.S. Anyone got an old piano they wouldn’t mind donating? One that you wouldn’t mind being painted...



Message Series: The Heart of Matters


One of the key truths running through the Scriptures is this: what's on the inside determines what happens on the outside.

As a church community there are a heap of things we do: There are practices we do together, liturgies we repeat and ways-of-doing-things the way we do.

For all of these things we do there is a why, there is a value, there is an inner-reason.

There is a heart to the matter.

In this new series at Central Vineyard we are exploring eight important kingdom values and how we embody them together. We have some new speakers from in our family contributing, bringing us the value they are most passionate about by exploring the Scriptures and celebrating our stories.