We’ve just spoken about our sacred togetherness as a community, and now it’s time to put our action where our intent is. As a church our vision is to pursue Jesus fully with our whole lives and to actively play the unique part He is calling each of us to, together.

You might realise something as you read that, but if you missed it, we’ll make it clear: something our church is passionate about is to see the vision Jesus gives you for your life happen.

But how do we get this vision?

Jesus had a rule for how he went about this himself. He said in John 5:19 that He “only does what He saw the Father doing.” He did this by retreating to pray and seek, or other times He did it by spotting the Father’s leading in the moments right in front of Him as He met a person who needed to be healed or forgiven. All Jesus did was informed by His choice to be a person of prayer, so as a church, we are taking 21 days to seek God in this way for ourselves, our church and our city.

TWENTY_ONE_DAYS is us together seeking God in many ways – messing up the norms and moving the furniture around as we do so – and if you want to pursue Jesus intentionally with us, we’d love you to join us in this journey.