We believe fresh leadership is a vital and on-going-part of our collective response to God’s invitation to be the church He has called us to be. We see a leadership gifting in you and want to invite you to take up a new responsibility. We want to journey with you to play your part in a new way.


You’ll spend 20 weeks on a journey that will help you discover your unique place as a leader in Central Vineyard, a church uniquely placed in God’s grand story of making all-things-new.

There will be elements that are theological, helping you to engage the overarching narrative of the Scriptures and Kingdom of God.

There will be elements that are ecclesiological, helping you to engage with Central Vineyard’s identity and place in the Church.

There will be elements that are incarnational, helping you to engage with you and your place in the story of this church.

And finally, it will be missiological, setting you in motion to practically engage with the mission of God in your unique way – through you creating and implementing a brand new ministry project.

Pathway Timeline

The Pathway is 20 weeks long, with a variety of things happening and various themes covered:

CLASSROOM FORMAT (Each Wednesday, July 24 – Sep 18)

Week 1 / God and His story pt 1 – The whole story of Scripture

Week 2 / God and His story pt 2 – Kingdom of God theology and practice

Week 3 / The Church in that story pt 1 – Ecclesiology of the Church & The Vineyard

Week 4 / The Church in that story pt 2 – Distinctives & Why we do things the way we do

Week 5 / You and your story pt 1 – Spiritual Gifts & Sacred Pathways

Week 6 / You and your story pt 2 – Enneagram & StrengthsFinder

Week 7 / You and your story pt 3 – Passions, gifting and callings

Week 8 / You and your story pt 4 – Planning for formation

Week 9 / You and your story pt 5 – Leadership at CV and your part

RETREAT AWAY (Friday Sep 27 – Saturday 28)

Week 10 / Retreat Weekend – Ministry Project creation and plan (as well as some other great things thrown in too)

PRACTICAL PROJECT (All of October and November)

Weeks 11-19 / Implement Ministry Project

BANQUET FINISH (Wednesday Dec 4th)

Week 20 / Banquet evening to share stories from Ministry Projects experiences

Pathway Expectations


The Classroom evenings (weeks 1-9) will take 2.5 hours of your time to be there, and a further 2 hours during the week to do some work at home (a combination of reading, spiritual practices, pre-selected tests and preparing responses to one big question each week.)

The Retreat (week 10) will be 24 hours away, beginning Friday evening and finishing Saturday evening for everyone to travel home after dinner. Please keep this whole period clear of distraction.

The Ministry Project (weeks 11-19) will take a variation of hours depending on what your Ministry Project requires. For example, if it is a one-off event, it may take a lot of preparation and then it’s done; if it’s a recurring group it will take a set amount of time each week, fortnight or month.


The Leadership Pathway costs $250

This covers the resources you will receive (including four books, printouts and tests), dessert each Classroom evening, all the costs of the Retreat, and the cost of administration it takes for us to run this learning journey for you.

Any costs your Ministry Project may incur is not included and can be applied for with details given closer to the time.

If finances are hindering your ability to do this, please raise the issue with us as we never want money to be a barrier for not engaging in this journey.


You will create and implement a ministry project of your own that will meet a need in our Central Vineyard community or bless the Auckland City community.

This will either:

a) be a new creation to standalone as a ministry, group or initiative or

b) be a new facet for within an existing ministry, group or initiative that you are already involved in

Although it would be good to begin thinking about what your project is, the Retreat at week 10 is a dedicated time of brainstorming needs, considering your own gifting map made during weeks 5-9 prayerfully and creatively, and bringing these two spaces together in collaboration with the Central Vineyard leadership and fellow Pathway participants.


Classroom Format each Wednesday July 24 – Sep 18

Retreat Away Friday Sep 27 – Sat 28

Practical Project All of October and November

Banquet Finish Dec 4th


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