Spring is here and with the new month and season comes a new focus for Forward. This September we will be focusing on the Women’s Refuge and the great work that they do.

The Women’s Refuge describes themselves as New Zealand’s most significant domestic violence organisation and I do not think any one of us would argue with that. We all know who they are but let’s delve deeper into what they are doing trying to tackle one of NZ’s most serious social issues and how we can help them.

Sadly, in NZ between 33-39% of women will experience physical or sexual violence from a partner in their lifetime.  The purpose of the Women’s Refuge is to liberate women, children and families from family violence by providing quality services and social commentary. Not only do they provide safe housing for women and children around the country, they also work with families within their own community.

Women in violent relationships are more likely to suffer from physical and mental health problems including depression, sleep problems and suicide attempts. They often have trouble holding down jobs or accessing enough money to feed their children or provide them with other necessities.

The Women’s Refuge offers services, education and support where the family needs it.

How we can help:

– Donate financially or become a sponsor
– Donate good quality items – furniture, clothing, bedding and other household items
– Gift your time – train to be a Women’s Refuge advocate
– Hold a fundraiser
– Attend/donate to our We Love Pre-Loved Clothing Swap event

Let’s get behind this awesome organisation and help make difference to the lives of women and children in our city!