• Auckland
  • New Zealand

On October 7 we can’t use our usual gathering venue, so we’re taking our gathering to one of our other favourite places; our tables!

Tables is a one off event of multiple-banquets happening all over the city. At Central Vineyard we believe the Table is a powerful place of connection with one another, so on Sunday October 7th we want to see people all over the city get together around multiple tables to share a meal, meet some new people and have a great time together.

We're providing each host with a kickstarter pack to get things started. We're looking for a dozen hosts to cook and open their tables for guests. And then there's you (and if you would like to you can bring a friend along!) you get to come along and enjoy.

The theme for this season of Tables is Brunch – so put your mortgage on hold while you splash out for some smashed avocados or go fancy pants with mimosas! ;)



Sorry, all our Tables are now full and RSVPs are closed