Understanding God's Story.

For Studio we are putting on two one-day workshops to help you discover the power of knowing your story and knowing God's story.

In this second part, we want to help you discover the Biblical story. Join us for a one-day workshop that will explore what God's story is and how you can tell it well. By the end of this day you will be able to articulate the over-arching narrative of the whole Bible and how that becomes an important lens for looking at everything. 

Featuring Cameron Thorp, Dan Sheed and Strahan Coleman, the day will cover:

  • What's God's story?
  • What are the key movements in this story?
  • How do themes and topics then weave into this big story? 
  • How do we read the Bible well and translate that into today's culture?

Costs $15 (lunch provided) RSVP here:

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