• Maxim Institute (map)
  • 49 Cape Horn Road
  • Auckland, Auckland, 1041
  • New Zealand

Telling your Story.

For Studio we are putting on two one-day workshops to help you discover the power of knowing your story and knowing God's story. (For pt 2, click here.)

Part 1 will explore what your story is and how you can tell it well. By the end of this day you will have greater confidence sharing your story in any environment - be it a job interview, the family dinner table or in workplace conversation.

Featuring Jehan Casinader and Strahan Coleman, the day will cover:

  • What's your story?
  • All good stories have conflict, how do you embrace it?
  • Do crises or questions in your story have to have resolution? 
  • How do we share our story?

Costs $15 (lunch provided) RSVP here:

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