Liminal: A Semi-Silent Retreat

St Francis Retreat Centre (map)


Liminal;  the space between an end and a beginning. 

  1. relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process.

  2. occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.

Join us for our first Liminal one-day semi-silent retreat this July as we give more of ourselves to discovering God. We'll be doing it together, finding ways to let go of what's been and to take up what is to come. To discover love both without and within and to press reset.



9am to 9pm
St Francis Retreat Centre, Hillsbourough.
Cost $60 (includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and a small private room for the day)


Sorry, Liminal I is full

Welcome to Central Vineyard

Welcome to Central Vineyard

Community Hall (map)

If you're new to Central Vineyard this is our chance to welcome you properly and introduce the 101s of playing your part in this family. 

A chance to chat, have some lunch, and to find out what Central Vineyard is all about  – don't miss it.

1pm @ Community Hall, 17 Mercury Lane, Auckland 

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Tables is one night of multiple-banquets happening all over the city. We're providing a kickstarter for the hosts, and hosts are providing the ambience for you to enjoy an evening.

At Central Vineyard we believe the Table is a powerful place of connection with one another, so on Saturday August 4th we want to see people all over the city get together around multiple tables to share a meal, meet some new people and have a great time together.

We're providing each host with a kickstarter pack to get things started. We're looking for a dozen hosts to cook and open their tables for guests. And then there's you (and if you would like to you can bring a friend along!) you get to come along and enjoy.

The theme for this season of Tables is Mid-Winter Christmas – so dig those ugly Christmas jumpers out!


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