Welcome to Central Vineyard

Welcome to Central Vineyard

Community Hall (map)

If you're new to Central Vineyard this is our chance to welcome you properly and introduce the 101s of playing your part in this family. 

A chance to chat, have some lunch, and to find out what Central Vineyard is all about  – don't miss it.

1pm @ Community Hall, 17 Mercury Lane, Auckland 

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Sunday special: Tables brunch edition


On October 7 we can’t use our usual gathering venue, so we’re taking our gathering to one of our other favourite places; our tables!

Tables is a one off event of multiple-banquets happening all over the city. At Central Vineyard we believe the Table is a powerful place of connection with one another, so on Sunday October 7th we want to see people all over the city get together around multiple tables to share a meal, meet some new people and have a great time together.

We're providing each host with a kickstarter pack to get things started. We're looking for a dozen hosts to cook and open their tables for guests. And then there's you (and if you would like to you can bring a friend along!) you get to come along and enjoy.

The theme for this season of Tables is Brunch – so put your mortgage on hold while you splash out for some smashed avocados or go fancy pants with mimosas! ;)



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(the number of people for around your table, not including yourself!)


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(this could include spouse, partner, children etc - please include their names here and any dietary requirements they have)


The Dorothy Winstone Centre (map)


Today, in our post-christian secular culture and fast-paced busy-addicted ways-of-life, the NZ church is invited to take seriously what apprenticeship to Jesus means.

Come explore what apprenticeship looks like in our current cultural moment.