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Please pray this prayer with us

...I saw the Lord...
— Isaiah 6:1

It's humbling to know that all over the world people are praying for myself, my wife and our team that is growing around us. What a thing to know that people are interceding for us, petitioning for us and praising with us.

Some have asked us directly, "What can we pray for you?" Well, it seems that we now have an idea how to answer that question.

It's been said that before you have a vision for God, you must have a vision of God. We don't want to start to create anything with our team without first having a refreshed sense of who God is and what He is speaking over us. We know from John 5 that the Father is always up to something, and we want to start with what He is up to.

And so in saying that, can I ask you to pray this prayer with us as you pray for us and our church plant:

Father, we want to see You more clearly.

Christ, we want to hear Your beckoning. 

Spirit, we want to receive more of what You are already doing.

If you have any nudges of God saying something to you for us, we'd love to know them, so please write us a message and let us know.