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Christmas Mission 2016

To play our part in serving the city of Auckland this Christmas, we are gathering non-perishable food items for the Auckland City Mission as they head into their very busy lead up to Christmas. These food parcels go "to the homeless, families who are desperately struggling on very low incomes, and isolated elderly with little or no family support."

We're doing one collection date: Sunday, December 13th. We'll keep reminding you, but mark it in your dairies and put a reminder on your phone.

You can bring the good ol' baked beans, tinned tomatoes etc, but what the Mission have told us they run low on is canned meat/fish, toiletries like soap/shampoo/toilet rolls etc and just some niceties.

So add an item or two to your groceries and come ready with your contribution to serve those in need this Christmas on Sunday, December 13th.