We've got guests coming!

For the last two Sundays of July we have guest speakers coming to share at our Central Vineyard gatherings.

On July 23 we have Scottie Reeve. Scottie leads Blueprint Church in Wellington and recently wrote 21 Elephants: Leaving Religion for the reckless Way of Jesus.

On July 30 we have Sam Harvey coming up from his new-home in Napier, where he has just relocated his family to plant a new Vineyard church. Sam used to be at Grace Vineyard in Christchurch.

We're looking forward to having them, don't be missin' out!



Special Sunday: Half Time

It's school holidays at the moment, which means it's halfway through 2017. Yikes.

As a milestone in our year, we use this halfway point as a moment to look back with gratitude on what has happened so far and look forward to what is ahead.

We want to share a bit about what's been important so far, we want to tell you about a couple of big things coming up that we are really excited about, and we want to do something for the first time in the life of our family: bless and commission some of our leaders, Alisha and Rob Wiseman.

It's such a good occasion we have ordered in some epic donuts for a mini-party afterwards.

It's one of those special family moments not to miss, we'd love you to be there and celebrate Half Time.


Oh! And P.S. We took ownership of one of these bad boys this week, so don't let the cold put you off:



Message series: "Stories"

At Central Vineyard we value listening to several key voices.

One is the voice of God through His Spirit.
Another is the voice of God through the Scriptures.
The other is the voice of each other as we witness through our stories.

We value hearing every person's story and believe every story is a treasure – because stories are glimpses of truth and reality. We also wonder what would happen if every person valued their own story.

For June, we're going to look at the power of stories and how we can become better story-tellers of the hope we are living in Jesus.



Message series: "Making Room"

The movement from hostility to hospitality is hard and full of difficulties. Our society seems to be increasingly full of fearful, defensive, aggressive people anxiously clinging to their property and inclined to look at their surrounding world with suspicion, always expecting an enemy to suddenly appear, intrude and do harm. But still—that is our vocation: to convert the hostis into a hospes, the enemy into a guest and to create the free and fearless space where brotherhood and sisterhood can be formed and fully experienced.
— Henri Nouwen

Have you read the book of Acts lately? Let us give you a quick snapshot:

The first generation of church was cranking along, numbers being added daily. It says that they got to 3000 people — not a gathering of 3000 together in one place, but 3000 gathering together in smaller groups all over the city.

Where were they? This was well before the days of church-buildings and hall-hires. They were in upstairs-food-halls and each others homes. 

Archaeological findings show us that they literally knocked out walls to make room for everyone.

People who weren’t meant to be together in society were in the same room and beginning to call each other brother and sister. They were a community of enemies and strangers who were becoming friends and family. 

They were the people who were making room for anyone.

Making Room is our new message series, exploring this kind of Biblical hospitality and what it can do.



STUDIO / Term 2: How to pray for others

Studio is for anyone who doesn’t feel confident in praying for others, or who perhaps hasn’t prayed for anyone before, no matter how long they have known Jesus or been at Central Vineyard. Studio will be a safe place to learn and practice using the gifts that God has given.

We're extremely excited to announce our new training initiative: Studio

It's not a lecture – each evening is a third teaching, a third practicing and a third Q&R discussion.  It's led by our new staff member, Strahan Coleman and we'll have some terrific Central Vineyard contributors and guests joining in.

Studio will begin May 2, running fortnightly on Tuesday evenings for the term. See the full details at





We are a church that believes in being generous with all that we have, because being generous is the outworking of the realisation that what we have is God's first. Thank you for being generous people. Your generosity has been an incredible blessing to us.

In 2016 financial giving played a huge part in getting Central Vineyard up and going. We have successfully been able to cover all the costs of growing our church plant initiative from a small startup through to the growing church it is today; hiring our first staff members, paying rent, purchasing equipment and blessing the people of our church and city through generosity and several missional initiatives during the year.

We are reliant on the generosity of our people to cover our budget, which enables us to do all that we do together and to ourselves be generous as a church. (We also receive a small contract from Vineyard Churches Aotearoa NZ who pay Central Vineyard for Dan to spend part of his time as the national director's ministry assistant which means we have been able to pass on some of our hours to other staff members.)

Our total income for 2016 was: $150,507.10
(including a surplus from 2015 of $17,030.62)
Our total outgoings for 2016 was: $138,240.16

Due to careful stewardship of our finances we have met our needs and finished the year with a small surplus.

If you have any questions about our spending you can contact any of our board members to discuss anything, or Dan.

To close, again, thank you to those who have financially given this year. Without generosity we couldn't play our part in joining God in what He is doing in our city as well as we are.

"So we will see in our history the faithful love of God."



Message series: "Faithful Presence"

And they will see in our history the faithful love of God.
— Psalm 107:43

For two thousand years the Church has faithfully tried to navigate the tension between being the people of God's presence, and being placed in their moment of history and their place in the world.

How we navigate this tension has led to all kinds of paradigms and ideas and practices and campaigns and events and structures... It all gets quite cluttered and overwhelming to be honest.

So with this series, we're taking things right back to the radical heart of the Gospel.

God's kingdom is at hand: He is lovingly putting all things back-to-right, blessing it and making it good again, and we're invited to come and join Him in this work of love until all things are made new. 

What could it look like to be a church that right now — in this moment of history, in this city — lived in such a way that "...they will see in our history the faithful love of God"?

Welcome to the series, Faithful Presence.


Ideal as a phone wallpaper



STORIES: Celebrating our diversity in a multicultural kingdom


Waitangi Day reminds us we are not a one-culture-only-nation. We are multicultural; diverse, yet unified here by this context of place. This weekend we are going to take this moment to remind ourselves that God’s kingdom is a place of cultural-diversity. The church is meant to taste like this:

After this I saw a vast crowd, too great to count, from every nation and tribe and people and language, standing in front of the throne and before the Lamb.
— Revelation 7:9

What does it mean to celebrate the stories of our diversity? How might we learn off each other? Come and hear the stories this Sunday as we host a panel of Central Vineyard people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

It's going to be ka pai.