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Could it be that peace really is that simple?
— Hayley Morrison


Teach us the simplicity of peace Father,
and to trust that the way is clear for us,
amidst the turbulence of a world paralysed by apprehension.

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By Anna Roughton

Would I call you

well-made plans

comfort, control, everything that stands

Would I call you

the things I can make sense of

about all that you are & will be

Would I call you

the space where wars cease

when I feel most alive,

when I can fully breathe?

Or could you dwell in heart’s heaviest beats

the places I’m running, dusty swollen feet.

Would I call you

the world spacious and free

where you lead me to a kingdom that is quiet and neat

or would I call you the holder of dreams

when some remain silent & unravel at the seams.

Would I call you

certainty to validate what I think

moving when I want it- quick, sure and succinct

or could you be unimaginable truth

visible & tangible, yet illogical proof

Would I call you

able to be tamed

speaking and moving, in ways I can contain

or would I call you a baby that sleeps

while heaven and earth collide in a heap

politics, wisdom, money, bend to their knee

Would I call you a ruler, a king

sitting on a throne that my human eyes can see

or could it be that you grow

in a stomach expanding

and stretching beyond what I once knew

Into all of this wild,

you are entering

a world that is less like we thought it should be

and more a slow moving to eternity

even the best dreams of man could never compete.

I will call you Jesus.

God here with me.

Not what we expected.

But the Prince of Great Peace.

The wholeness that travels, unravels, grows life way down deep.

Never changing, always remaining, precious mystery.