And they will see in our history the faithful love of God.
— Psalm 107:43

For two thousand years the Church has faithfully tried to navigate the tension between being the people of God's presence, and being placed in their moment of history and their place in the world.

How we navigate this tension has led to all kinds of paradigms and ideas and practices and campaigns and events and structures... It all gets quite cluttered and overwhelming to be honest.

So with this series, we're taking things right back to the radical heart of the Gospel.

God's kingdom is at hand: He is lovingly putting all things back-to-right, blessing it and making it good again, and we're invited to come and join Him in this work of love until all things are made new. 

What could it look like to be a church that right now — in this moment of history, in this city — lived in such a way that "...they will see in our history the faithful love of God"?

Welcome to the series, Faithful Presence.


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