1. Set a side a section of your journal/get a new one.

2. Ask God daily for words for Christians you know and write down everything you see with as much detail as you can.

3. See. Pray. Wait. 

4. At the end of the week allow whatever is still brewing and has life to be shared with the person it's for.

5. Practice giving the word in a strengthening, encouraging and comforting way with a few of these helpful phrases…

  • “I believe God is saying...”
  • “I get a sense that you...”
  • “I see ... and I feel it could mean...” or “It appears to represent...”
  • “I see a picture of... and I don’t have a direct revelation of what it means but I sense that...”
  • “Test this with God in prayer, see if it holds any weight with you and the Spirit”
  • “Does this word align with what God and others are saying in your life?”