One of the core directions of Central Vineyard is that we want to be people of mission; people who are living our faith outward into the world, not just storing it up for ourselves.

But, if you've been following Jesus for a while, you'll probably know that to do this isn't as easy as just following a scientific-formula or giving out a pamphlet. What if living outward is an art?

It's sometimes thought that the people who do mission are just the ones who are crazy enough to get a one-way ticket to a foreign country, leaving us just a fridge magnet of themselves to remind us to pray for them. What if it isn't just as radical as that, and everyone is able to be a missionary wherever they are?

Loaded up with plenty of simple things that will make help us make a big difference, this is a series that will take us towards some exciting things in the formative life of Central Vineyard.