The pursuit of Jesus is, and always will be, the central focus in all that we are doing. Our church is called Central Vineyard, and an X is often used to mark a central point. The central point we are aiming for is to pursue Jesus the best that we can and make disciples who do the same with their lives.


The pursuit of Jesus means doing what He did, which means playing our part in God’s activity today and now. We chose a four-armed cross to represent the four directions we want to remind ourselves of how we are to play our part. These are what we are all about as a church but also what we believe it is to be a fully alive disciple of Jesus.
It reminds us that to follow Jesus is about living in multiple directions at once: We love God and love others, we enjoy gathering together as a church and serving our city, we want to see you deeply thrive in your own spiritual life with God and to see you give your life away for the wellbeing of others.


As followers of Jesus, we don't need to be perfect. We come as we are into a relationship with him, no matter who we are and how 'unbalanced' our lives might seem. And if you’ve been following Jesus for a while, you’ll probably know that sometimes things can’t be put into a nice tidy package. Sometimes multiple things need to be held and wrestled with together. We call this tension, this holding-of-multiple-things, rather than clutching to just one thing. 

As a church we want to hold lots of things in tension, for example:
God is awesome and magnificent yet He also intimately dwells in us by His Spirit,
His Kingdom is here but also yet to come fully,
we are to gather in community yet we are to go and be missional in the world,
we love the Bible and all the heritage of the Church yet believe God’s Spirit freshly leads us and gifts us today for new things…

We could go on. It’s all a juggling act of holding these things in tension together as we pursue Jesus, and we want our logo to remind us of that.